Hillel has reported the findings of their Guide to Jewish Life on Campus Survey based on approximate reports from the Hillel professionals serving these campuses. (Where is there a Hillel is at YU? I have no clue) Here are the results by number of Jewish Students:

Top 10 Public Universities
1. University of Maryland, College Park; University of Florida, Gainesville (5,400)
2. Rutgers University, New Brunswick (5,000)
3. University of Central Florida (4,500)
4. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Pennsylvania State University, University Park; University of Wisconsin, Madison (4,000)
5. California State University, Northridge; Florida State University; University of Texas, Austin (3,800)
6. University at Albany; Florida International University (3,500)

Top 10 Private Universities
1. New York University (6,500)
2. Boston University (4,000)
3. Cornell University (3,500)
4. The George Washington University; University of Pennsylvania; Yeshiva University (2,800)
5. Syracuse University (2,500)
6 Columbia University; Emory University; Harvard University; Tulane University (2,000)