Hogan Know best on VH1

 Some can't miss T.V. tonight on VH1. On Hogan Knows Best, Hulk Hogan for some reason goes shopping at a kosher supermarket in Miami for a BBQ hes having at his house. It only gets better when the Hulkster tries to do some kosher grilling. He thinks he's got it down pat by separating the kosher and non kosher meat on his brand new grill until one of the mashgiachs who he brought  to his house tells him that his grill is not kosher because it hasn't been dipped in the mikvah. Needless to say, the hulkster doesn't know what the hell a mikvah is. Good times and some good watching.

Here is the formal show description:

Koshermania:   (episode #304)Sun Nov 12 2006 9:00pm 0:30 hr. Linda and Hulk don't understand when their neighbors mention they keep kosher. But when Linda insists on throwing a block party, Hulk and Nick must find kosher food before the guests arrive.