If you loved Electric Mayhem – the Jim Henson Muppet rock band fronted by Dr. Teeth and had Animal on the drums –  you’ll LOVE Bubba Myses – an actually amazing hilarious  Jewish rock band with bizarre jewified (almost antisemtic looking) puppets.

But here’s the thing, the puppets aren’t on their hands, these guys actually perform wearing bizarre almost Times Squareish muppet costumes – Here is a medley – these guys are legit good  check it here – despite the bizarre costumes.

They even had a stint with Avraham Fried below – guessing Avraham Fried (whose real last name is Friedman) might be related to the hysterically talented, Josh Friedman- just a guess.

– here’s their video for Purim (which has a great funny ending),  and Chrismukkah was fun