If you want to know actually have an amazing Shavous night of learning, the Upper West Side is literally like the best of the best. It’s like Limmud UWS x 50. Every block has shiurs of all different topics. And oh boy are there some great topics this year. Ohav Shalom is tackling Shaitels and Covering Your Hair, OZ is themeing on TOP 10’s, the JCC is everything you every wanted including all the cheesecake you want.

Quite a few shuls are having BBQs, tea rooms, ice cream parties so food is everywhere. This is just a basic list with the JCC Manhattan leading the way – going bonkers this year with more programming shiurs and shmoozing than ever before (including an acapella concert at sunrise)

To Download the printable version of the UPPER WEST SIDE SHIUR MAP click here: http://www.bangitout.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/SHAVOUS_SHIUR-MAP-2015.pdf

Excel version Bang-UWS-SHAVOUS_SHIUR MAP 2015

Enjoy the Cheesecake!