With the week beginning with the Finale of The Walking Dead this evening, and passover at the end of this week we thought it would be a good time for a Passover Hagadah Walking Dead Version. Don’t be a zombie at your seder! Give it some Walking Dead life! I mean TWD crew has been enslaved in a prison, terminus, a farm, etc. and we are hoping for an Exodus from Alexandria tonight. Just replace Moses for Rick, Pharoah for The Governor/Gareth and the shankbone for Bob’s leg. There are quite a many comparisons – so give us some more! I mean the first plague is blood – as if we don’t have enough on the show already?  Here are a few steps to consider for planning your Walking Dead Passover Seder.

KADESH – Drinking 4 cups of Wine. Keep it away from Bob, and Darryl only appreciates MoonShine



Urchatz – Wash your hands. Especially if you have taken out a few walkers on the way here. Meril’s hand is still missing.



Karpas – the greens from the prison grounds did look legit.



Yachatz – Break the middle matzah – in this case you may need Machone to split it down the middle.

middle matzah


Maggid – Tell the Story of Passover

Rick w/ beard = Moses

Burning Bush = Zombie on Fire

Judith = Baby Moses in basket going down nile

Darkness = In the Tunnel OR the Governor’s Eyepatch

Plague of Blood


Death of First Born = Governor’s daughter & chess playing adopted daughter

Leaving Egypt = Leaving the prison, the farm, Terminus, The CDC

Shank Bone – Use Bob’s Leg



The Four Sons – A spectrum, definitely up for discussion.



Replace all mentions of Egypt with the Prison, Terminus

The 10 plagues have nothing on the things the Walking Dead crew has survived.

Some Questions to add to your top 4:

1) Why did the priest turn on the crew? Calling them the devil?

2) Did Rick become Shane – lusting for another’s wife?

3) Why is this show different than Lost?

4) Who will die tonight?

Happy Passover! Why is this season finale different than all finales?