Post Israel Day Parade – Comedy & Music….
Don’t miss Modi, Kosha Dillz, Bodi and others this Sunday June 2,  4-6 at Stand UP NY!
Also featuring the comedy of David Weinbach, the poetry of Baruch November and hosted by Sivan Hadari.

Want great comedy? We got it. Want great music? We got that too. Deep words from an award-winning poet? We have that as well. Wrestling? Sorry, we don’t have that. It’s fake anway. We do have the amazing comedy of Modi. the rapping of Kosha Dillz, the great poetry of Baruch November, the great sounds of Bodi, the incredible violin playing of Gabrielle Fink. Hosted by actress and producer Sivan Hadari. See a more detailed description of the performers below.

*The first 30 people to buy their tickets will receive a free copy of Baruch November’s new poetry book “Bar Mitzvah Dreams.”