Top 10 Additional Reasons, other than those listed in the recent JTA story, that Orthodox Jews are Moving to Detroit

10. Jewish manager, Brad Ausmus, and lead-off batter, Ian Kinsler, on the Detroit Tigers baseball team.
9. Palestinian American Tom Gores, not Jewish embarrassment Donald Sterling, owns the local NBA team – Detroit Pistons.
8. Not being an El Al israel Airlines gateway city, Detroit is no harder than most American cities to fly to Israel from.
7. Belle Isle Aquarium, oldest aquarium building in use in the U.S., is now open on Sundays for frum families to visit.
6. Financially troubled Detroit JCC no longer on verge of bankruptcy.
5. With more Orthodox Jews settling, Detroit may one day finally have a decent kosher restaurant.
4.Gabe Leland is first Jewish Detroit city councilman elected in nearly 20 years.
3. Toledo's loss is Detroit's gain.  Mesivta of Toledo has moved to suburban Detroit and is re-named Mesivta of West Bloomfield.
2. Besides affordable housing and day school tuition, living in the Motor City, Detroit Orthodox families have lots of recalled cars to choose from.
1. The winter of 2013-14 was Detroit's snowiest on record, so the weather in the coming years is bound to improve (?).