With over 14,000 delegates in Washington DC for the 2015 Policy Conference, we thought it might be worth providing some opening lines for those looking to “network” with the opposite sex:

10. We all love the lobby, but let’s take this upstairs

9. You’ve got territories I’d like to occupy

8. Hello I’m Frank Underwood….. let’s go binge watch House of Cards

7. Are you a VIP? Because you’ve got access to all of me

6. It is clear to me you could use some ‘political action’

5. Are you a candidate? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day

4. You’ve raised a lot more than my funds…

3. Let’s create Israel’s future starting tonight

2. For the sake of Israel, I’d cross more than party lines

1. Let’s be discreet…Washington apparently has cameras EVERYWHERE.