10.  There are only 8 plagues

9.  One of the 4 questions: How is your dating life going?

8.   Each page comes pre-stained with excessive wine splatter

7.    Actual graphic dead animal pictures featured for Chad Gad Ya

6.   In the intro, suggests if you do not have matzo to use rye bread

5.   It’s called the Artscroll  “The Boko Haram Edition”

4.   Four sons replaced with 4 addicts: 1) the alcoholic son  2) the gambler 3) the pothead   4) the son who doesn’t even know he’s eating paint chips

3.  There is a step in the  seder dedicated to “Administering CPR  to Zeidi”

2.  Lists ingredients for baking matzo: Flour, Water, blood of gentile baby

1.  It’s entitled The Yom Kippur Machzor