10.  The 2am Laws of Sabbath shiur now entilted “Shabbosdic”
9.    Holiday cheesecake substituted with beefcake   
8.    Misquotes Naomi's “Uncover his feet” line with “Uncover his Tweet”
7.    The guy is shirtless, in his underwear, surrounded by cats – no wait – that's just your creepy roommate you got off of bangitout.com
6.   Really digs the Ruth/Boaz son's name: O'Bed
5.  Totally relates to Tamar publically revealling Judah's Staff
4.   Claims he thought Shavuot was the holiday of Shalach Manos: Package delivery
3.   Really wished he had Ploni Almoni's screenname
2.  Shiur attendees include:  Dominque Strauss-Kahn, Elliott Spitzer, John Edwards and Arnold Schwarenegger
1.  Claims real revelation will occur upon checking your twitter mailbox after yuntif