10. Any trip you book is within 24 hours of traveling so you're de facto labeled “spontaneous”
9. You never have to suffer counting down the days to anything up ahead because you refuse to make plans
8. Since you can't commit to more than a “maybe” friends are always elated when you actually show up
7. Every entrance is dramatic because you're always late and arrive last
6. You procrastinate everything to the night before it's due, so people are always amazed you pulled it off
5. When you don't pull it off you can deflect it by saying you would have succeeded  had you put in the same effort as the average joe.
4. It's exciting finding stuff that you thought was lost forever-because you finally cleaned under your bed after 4 years
3. You tell yourself that can hire a secretary to organize your papers, but the neat freak you admire in the cubicle behind you can't hire someone to make him creative
2. You waste tons of money rebuying stuff you already own but misplaced.
1.  You're crowned “queen environmentalist” the way you save trees by writing the most important “to do lists” and addresses on teeny scraps of paper (which you can rarely locate when needed).