Bring your seder some forward with some fashion! With Pesach prep getting more and more creative needing to stick out  doesn’t mean talking the most, or buying a large staff. Here are a few cute and creative wearables that you could buy now and be the fashion hit at your seder.


10 – the earrings. Originally came with 3, but assumes 1 missing for the afikomen

9. Matzah Press on nails. A perfect palette/ fingernail for taking our a drop of wine


8.  The Matzah Tie – Required for all male seder guests who would typically wear a piano tie or always dips their tie in the charoses

7. The Necklace – Best friends broken matzah edition would be perfect here.

6. Baby Onsie – Matzo Matzo MAN! For the baby who can stay up all seder

5. Earring set includes matzah and entirely accurate seder plate!


4.  Matzapron – For the seder maker who slaves all seder cooking – conveniently missing all the boring parts and shows up just for Hillel sandwich

3.  Matzmulke – The kippa that can also double as a place to hide the afikomen and your bald spot

2.  Puppies left Egypt too right?

1.   Kosher For Passover. 10% off!