15.    You suddenly find circular toilets kinda weird
14.    Any bars without dancing topless (and sometimes pantless) Italian male bartenders are lame
13.    What's Apres Ski drinking without orthodox Jews on stripper poles?
12.    Two words: “Bombardino Withdrawal”
11.    You now expect all Israeli Generals to look a little like Paul Newman   (“Can you believe it, meeting the head of the Bad Echad on the street!”)
10.    You found no contradiction in being asked by the hotel to donate “tzedakah” to the hotel's own future construction (nu, for a mikveh? what a zechus!!)
9.    Nothing like tying a yellow ribbon to your coat to identify yourself as a member of the tribe in Europe
8.  You find you are a heck of a better dancer when wearing 20lb ski boots
7.   Asking for “2 minutes” of attention for dinner announcements, on average, took about 45 minutes
6.  You've been tagged in a minimum of 600 Facebook pictures which make you look like a) “a Ski-Blob – who has on one too many sweatshirts”     b) “Sweaty Clubber”    c) Both
5.  You know none of the people's last names in those pictures
4.  When Skiing:  Orange = Clockwise, Green = Counter Clockwise
3.  After the first day, you didn't find it weird stopping in the middle of a run, taking off your skis and walking across a small street! Sometimes even a small village!
2.  You coulda swore you were in the Italian Alps (p.s. you weren't)
1.  The words “Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut” must elicit an immediate and idiotic hand-sign dance

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