15. Shared goals: Be fruitful and multiply!

14. People are obsessed with finding dates, but usually end up with prunes.

13.  Your type for both: Tall, dark & shady.

12.  Trunk envy.

11.  Both encourage you to see the forest for the trees.

10.  You can spot a sap a mile away.

9.  Both celebrate things that start off fresh, but soon becomes dried up, repackaged, and dumped.

8.  When it gets cold, she leaves.

7.  With love and fruit: You only find out the thing is rotten once you’ve already committed.

6.  One celebrates timber. The other celebrates Tinder.

5.  Like a tree, your love is blooming(dales).

4.  Always on the lookout for someone/thing with appeal (get it? a peel!).

3.  It’s all about separating the good seeds from the bad ones.

2.  Where are most hearts-with-arrows-through-them carved??

1.  Jewish girls love Photosynthesis.