Moses sure gets to be part of the punchline a lot in the New Yorker, below are 25 pretty funny cartoons about Moses in the dessert, while we are in sefer shemot, we thought you'd enjoy 🙂

25.Moses on the Grand Central..

24.  Torah 'Acceptance'

23.  Make Way for the Ducklings?

22.  The Mixup

21. Everyone's a Comedian


20.  The Mt. Sinai Boardroom

19.  Reform Judaism

18. Before there was College Basketball and Miley Cyrus

17.  The Dude Abides

16.  Pre-Torah Israelites

15.  The Chosen Nation, for accounting

15.  Moses Reaction to meeting G-d…

14. New legislation always brings out this guy…

13. Prequel to Mause


12.  Tzipporah and Moses, post Sinai

11.  Moses Valentine's Day?

10. Right Wing Conservatives, always a good punchline

9.  Feedback

8.  Every rabbi, in every shul…

7.  Retirement: enjoy the simple things

6.  Every Jew in Every Political conversation ever

5.   Moses living in the suburbs

4.  Brilliant.

3.  Aish Hatorah 

2.  Snowboarder Style

1.  Jews and Speeches