Tub’shvat marks the new years for trees. So to celebrate this Arbor-ific sustainable day on the earthy Jewish calendar, why not get into the theme, literally, by hoping into one of these awesome tree-rific costumes. Purim is right around the corner!

Nothing says couple like: Sustainability.

I am groot


Dress is shedding!

Family Tree Costume, does that count as a Forrest?

Father Tree and Baby Owl

Garden of Eden: Fig Leaf Couture was all you needed to be tznius.

The flip side of that, always snakes lurking in the garden trees

A little too stiff. Could use some shaking (get it, shake the trees)


Oops, Wrong tree 


There’s always a guy in your synagogue that looks like him isn’t there?


Bob Ross….. or Israeli named Uzi with his Tub’shvat babe in zichron yaakov?


Ikea Box, recycle it, boom – sustainable ghetto costume.

These are legit pants on etsy. Let’s get barking!

Aytz Chaim Hee!


To much mascara?

Forbidden fruit? Or Rosh Hashana theme?

Wait – Oh it’s tubhsvat. It’s not Purim?