10. To see landsmen Brad Ausmus manage and Ian Kinsler hit for the Detroit Tigers

9. Growing Orthodox families have many re-called autos to choose from

8. To increase the chances of a good kosher restaurant opening and surviving in town

7. To celebrate the improved financial health of the JCCs following a mismanagement scandal

6. After the snow and cold of 2013-14, Detroit winters have just got to improve

5. Same complete absence of air service to Israel as in most U.S. cities

4. A different Californian, Palestinian American Tom Gores, not Donald Sterling, owns the town's NBA franchise Detroit Pistons

3. The historic Jewish-designed Belle Isle aquarium opens Sundays beginning in June with free admission for all those looking-for-something-to-do Orthodox families
2. Toledo's loss is Detroit's gain: Mesivta of Toledo just became Mesivta of West Bloomfield

1. First Jewish Detroit city councilman elected in almost 20 years! (Gabe Leland)