10) L'chaim after announcement of engagement at a local English pub
9) Royal Family decides who gets invited to the chuppah only, and who gets invited to the chuppah and reception, and sends out different invitations to different people
8) To avoid the papparazi, chosson and kallah are not seen together for seven days before the wedding

7) Chosson's tisch includes a game of polo with the chosson's friends
6) Camilla gasps when her fine English china plate is broken after the t'naim
5) Royal carriage walked in by singing and dancing yeshiva students
4) Photographing all of the members of the Royal Family with both chosson and kallah takes three hours, holding up the first dance
3) Separate seating at the reception … royalty and common folks
2) Lady Diana, z”l, is mentioned prominently in the speeches, that even though she is gone, her spirit is there at the wedding
1) Plans for the next seven days…the Royal Sheva Brachot