10. Jersey Shore: Tan and Lot's of Hair gel (“GTL”) and as  trashy as possible
9.   Srugim Character: No cosutme 
8.   Conan Obrien: Redhead wig and pink slip
7.   Shawn White: Redhead wig and goldmedal
6.   The Hangover: Missing Tooth and lots of ruffees
5.   Inglorious Basterd: Bloody Baseball bat or tatooed forehead
4.   Lady Gaga: anything involving bubble wrap and/or pokerface
3.   Avatar: Lots of (Blue) skin
2.   Healthcare bill:  shredded peices of paper
1.   Tiger Woods: Nike Tshirt with the word “Putts” on it.

Bangitout Purim Costume Party. 
Feb 27th 10pm-Shachris.
Havana Central 113th and Broadway