10. Tony goes into witness protection and becomes that fat rich bald guy in Teaneck who runs the kiddush club 

9.   "Bada Bing" renamed "Bada Bangitout" and dancers suddenly replaced with eerie 35 year old bald single guys

8.   Carmella escapes to start her new life by heading up new branch of Amit Women Northern Jersey

7.   In opening scene, Tony stops his car on the side of the Turnpike, puts out his cigar and walks home, because well, it's almost shkiya on Friday

6.   A rollercoaster ending includes Meadow suddenly suspending her Jdate account

5.   Finale ends with AJ stopping off to say kaddish at The Young Israel of Paramus

4.   Paulie Walnuts reveals the white streaks in his hair are actually payos

3.   Dr. Melfi finally diagnoses Tony's anxiety attacks with the haunting series ending words:"nisht gerferalach"

2.   Tony gets hired by Agudah to bump off Richard Joel

1.  'Chad Gad Ya' now ends with new verse: Then came The Soprano….