10.   Shul kiddush makes huge upgrade: Shopright Ginger Ale to Canada Dry, yeah baby
9.     Hadassah President no longer slumming it with just millionaires
8.     Kidneys in Deal, NJ selling for market rates again 
7.     Lakewood Yeshiva telemarketers Annual Raffle now taking place monthly
6.     Kahane Chai back to printing its 1983 pamphlets in color
5.     Only 200 people sneak into bangitout tubav party
4.     Supersized Bar Mitzvah extravaganzas have 50 Cent back
3.     Birthright goes back to accepting Yeshiva kids who didn't technically go on some Israel Tour

2.       Kosher Restaurants glad to no longer having the need to rationalize terrible service and low level quality”
1.   Kiddush club has the good stuff back