On Passover this year, please be prepared to have one song stuck in your head for the entire holiday: no, not Dayaynu – it's that song from Frozen. 

The internet is exploding with Frozen parodies – here are some of the finest to the most god awful things you've ever suffered through, marror style:

10. Let it Go Just in Straight up Hebrew 

So this one isn't actually about passover per se, but it is cool to hear the song in Hebrew, and your kids will be singing this in summer camp color war, so get used to it now.

Last Line: “Hakor lo mafria li, lo chodair”

9. Aish Hatorah's Let it Go –

This is about a man cleaning for passover, (already funny!)  Vocals are amazing, but the dude singing looks a lot like your uncle

Last Line:  “Eating all that matzah anyway”

8. Let Them Go by some random Woman at home with a nice voice 

Aside from having a surprisingly great voice, we are guessing she also has a lot of cats

last line: “Miriam we're gonna Sing songs of Praise”

7. Let Us Go – A Passover Parody 

The 1980 graphics and font really aren't a selling point on this one

last line: “You never listened anyway”

6. “Let Them Go” Frozen Passover Parody

If Jack Johnson was jewish…. he'd likely convert after seeing this.

Last line “The Frogs never bothered me anyway”   BEST LINE!

5. Passover Parody of Let it Go – “Let Us Go”

This Syngagoue Sisterhood actually looks like their having a freaking good time

Last line “Eats Matzah and be on our way”  

4. Let Us Go – Frozen Passover Parody

This is actually the same one as #7, but with Speilberg vid in background…so you'll probably be better off eaiting marror than sitting through this again

Last line “You Never Listened anyway”

3. Let Us Go: Passover Song of Redemption

Chance of this going viral is 0, but a couple of the kids have amazing voices, the rest of the kids have great career ahead if they want to work at blockbuster

Last line “Hashem Elokaiynu Hashem Echad” – nice touch!


2. Let Us Go – Frozen – Passover

So god awful, it's fun to watch, atleast they have the costumes right for the Purim SEDER

Last Line: “The Jews never bothered me anyway!!….well actually they did”   great!



Since there will likely be about 50 more of these popping up in the next week – we will hold off on releasing #1 until Erev Pesach