10. You have no idea what the charity actually does, so long as it has something to do with Israel, orphans or something with random Hebrew words in its title
9.  No matter how religious or secular it is, you must wear your go-to first-date outfit
8.  Your credit card statement will have a completely different title for the event charge
7.  The planning committee listed on the invitation all secretly hate each other
6.  There has to be older board members & weird religious married couples wandering aimlessly just staring and saying “So this is what the singles do?”
5.  There's always some guy in a suit and tie who loves telling people he came “straight from work”
4.  No one, including the charity staff, knows what the heck “casual chic” attire means
3.  Cheap pick-up line: “Wanna buy a Raffle Ticket?”
2.  Never in the history of fundraisers has anyone 1) listened to the speech 2) kept the dinner journal
1.  All boozing, gambling, mixed dancing, wearing nothing are instantly kosher as long as you say the words “it's for Tzedaka”