10.   Promises to build an eruv; Have the Reform Jews pay for it
9.     Anything Sisterhood related has been defunded
8.     Immediate withdrawal from any Partnership minyans
7.     Hand-picked new Cantor and Gabai; both have no synagogue experience
6.     Refers to other rabbi’s halachic decisions as “alternative facts”
5.     Freeze on candy man lollypop allocations
4.     Deports any all undocumented Sefardic members from sanctuary.
3.     Starts speech: “We’re gonna have the best shiurim in town. The best. YU, a disaster. ”
2..    Reduced number of fast-days in order to streamline kiddush binging
1.     Deletes “Not”  from the verse: “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt”