10. No problem screaming at the top of your lungs “CMON DUDI!!”
9. Actually inquiring about Argentina’s star: Diego Schwartzman’s dating status  (or his sister for that matter)
8. Guiltlessly hoarding freebies from Mercedes and United Emirates
7. Seriously considering hitting one of those Russian/Bukharian disco meat restaurants afterwards in Forrest Hills
6. You’ve been back to the kosher hotdog stand 5 times, primarily to check out Jewish single prospects
5. Finally get a chance to sport that ultra-douchebag outfit you have for the Hamptons
4. Only people without really really nice glowing skin
3. Serena Williams’ grunting triggers PTSD from the Rabbi who made similar sounds trying to stop you from talking during kedushah in 4th grade.
2.  Standing in the glow of the Ralph Lauren Polo salesgirls, you consider for the first time shaving your shoulders.
1.  You are convinced that you could have made it to the Open had you stuck with Tennis as your elective sport in sleep away camp