I’d argue, every Passover seder is uniquely different. But when you feel like they start their seder with the Law & Order theme song, you know this seder is going to be one heated debate. Get your legal mind on and let’s debate:

10. When you read the agenda for the seder, someone Objects

9. Host requests a recess after the second cup

8. Guy next to you stands to cross examine the kid who asked the 4 questions.

7. Dayenu is a lesson in settlement. The Afikomen is used as leverage.

6. The term class action suit and air quotes seems to be dished out more than matzah

3.  Appalled by Moses’ opening arguments to Pharoah

2. Who is liable for damages in the case of  ‘Chad Gad Ya’ Vs. God?

1. The haggadah given to you is completely marked up with comments