10.   After each touchdown, he'd thank his lord and savior, Rebbetzin Jungreis  
9.     Broncos jerseys would sell out in Beit Shemesh
8.    Birthright Israel would  immediately drop him as celeb speaker due to his abstinence
7.     Abe Foxman's ADL would give him grief for being too publically religious
6.     His kneel prayer would be replaced with a 3 step backward, 3 step forward shmoenh esray dance
5.     If he shaved his beard, the word “Off the Derech” would follow his name in any conversation
4.    Sports Illustrated would dub him the “Jewish Jaworski”
3.    A simple screen cut pass for an OT playoff touchdown would be forever known as the “Tebow's bris”
2.   Sportscenter newscasters would have to throw in some really awful yiddishy phrases such as:  An Oy Veh Interception “; or “Tebow just gave you his: Im Yirtzah Hashem by You” bomb pass
1.  Baal Teshuvas everywhere would start naming their kids 'Tuvia Tebow'