10.   White is definitely your color, now all we need is a chupah and a yichud room
9.     TubaAv, Tubishvat – hey, either way let’s get fruitful!
If Tubav is a real Jewish holiday, nu, lets create some guilt
Congrats, you won me as your Shabbat Nachamu consolation prize
6.     Wow, you are Two’Bav the rest!
5.     I don’t really believe in the concept of Bashert, but for you i’ll make an exception
4.     You know, God picks your soul-mate for you when you are still in the womb!  My only question: how were you able to remember my name for so long?
3.     Hello, My name is Harry,….Haray AtMikudeshsetLi
2.     Is it just me, or are the girls wearing white and all the guys saying Masheev Ha Ruach?

1.     Hi, I’m Mr. Right.    Someone in shul said you were praying for me?

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