10.) David Ben Gurion  @DBGZion1

“@yishuv, @moetzethaam, About to sign! This is nuts!!!! @StateofIsrael about to happen!”

9.) Uganda @ugandanation

“So….the Jews aren’t coming here? @ugandabagels, @ugandalox, @ugandacreamcheese – shut it down.

8.) League of Arab States @arabstates

“@secgenUN, how about we compromise? You want war or war? Prepare to get your zio-asses kicked! #allornothing”

7.) League of Arab States @arabstates

“@Egypt, @trans-Jordan, @Iraq, @Syria – meet up for war against @StateofIsrael. No need for plan. Play it by ear #easymoney”

6.) Yitzhak Rabin @ikeyrab1922

“@harelbrgd, holding off @Syria near @jersualem. We might actually win this, yet. #goldtstar #Maccabi #firstroundonme”

5.) League of Arab States @arabstates

“Okay, so the war so far just made @StateofIsrael bigger. We have them right where we want ’em? #nakba.”

4.) Haganah @haganah

“@StateofIsrael, @Mr.Ts, changing our handle. Please use @IDF (Israel Defence Forces) going forward. #marketing #thebestoffenseisagooddefense”

3.) Shmuel Koplowitz @samtheman77

“Moving to @StateofIsrael with family. Europe sucks. Neighbors sketchy. #survivor #Aliyah”

1.) Dudu Ashkenazi @sefardicdudu8

“Okay, nu, war is over. Time to get to work. Desserts don’t bloom by themselves #startedfromthebottomnowwehere #startupnation”

1..) Rav Tzvi Yehudah Kook @RabbiKook2

“@therealravkook, z’l, Abba!!!! We did it! It’s a miracle! #Chag Sameach #Hallel #Withabracha