10. Both involve an Apple dropping

9. Midnight “Happy New Year!” Cheer strangely similar to concluding Tekiah Gedolah “Skokayach!” applause

8. One focuses on a hanging balance, the other – just dealing with being hung over

7. Both have resolutions that last exactly 10 days

6. One has intense Confession, the other intense Confetti

5. Unique “Shechiyanu” blessing recited for eating new fruits and vomiting on your friend’s new car interior

4. Inscribed in one, Imbibe in the other

3. “Auld Lang Syne” total ripoff of the “Hayom Haras Olam” post-shofar song

2. A round challah on Rosh Hashana and atleast 3 more rounds on New Years Eve

1. The Gates of Heaven are always open… just on New Years Eve so is the bar