Everyone seems to be doing Frozen themed shalach manos, so why not let that go and look for something more interesting? Look no further than your DVR/TV – everyone one of your favorite show can make for some awesome and fun themed shalach manos ideas. Here are a few to get you started:

The Walking Dead  – Zombie themed shalach manos! Bring your Purim persona to life with some gooey brain gummies, a sheriff badge, chicken/human finger candies, crossbow toothpicks.



Mad Men – Bring your Madison Ave chops to your shalach manos campaign. Blaze with cool gummy cigarettes, mini bottle vodka, martini glass, advil, fake ads for your seudah. Heck, have your secretary draft a memo as the letter.


Seinfeld – Junior Mints, pretzels, Twix, Oh Henry, Soup Nazi soup. Your crazy Kramer like next door neighbors will love you for bringing the nothing back to shalach manos.














Game of Thrones – Epic Shalach manos – fighting against Haman for the iron throne. Dragon eggs, Lanister debt card, Iron Throne toothpicks, Ned Stark head on a stick




 Parks And Recreation – Why not honor this shows final season with your shalach manos send off?

Saturday Night Live – colon blow, landshark, Chewable Pampers, Tylenol BM, there are so many fake products to add from SNL over the 40 years….What up with that?!



Star Trek – Klingon cupcakes, beam my shalach manos up.


Dexter – Get serial with loads of plastic wrap, miami metro, splatter cookies, blood sample glass, garbage bags and some serious dark passenger shalach manos drop-off.


Dr. Who – for our brit fans, this cult classic is made for giving.

Big Bang Theory – Put your nerd alert to work. Include ‘Pi’, H2O, and all other Mayim Bialik madness in this geek themed shalach manos.  Bazinga!

Breaking Bad – Los Pollos, Gas Mask, blue crystal candy, Better Call Saul card. Heisenberg at it’s best.