Get out your finest WHITE OUTFIT, it's time to meet your soul mate at the Annual TUBAV Party in Riverside Park!

This is usually the greatest party in NYC of the summer. Make sure you are at it!   here is where to get tickets: 

Here is how it works:

ubav is the ancient Jewish Holiday of Finding Love – the talmud says “There were no happier day in the calendar than Tu bAv”  

1. Wear something white!!  (Jewish custom of Tubav – so that everyone is on the same playing field regardless of where you are from)

2. ALERT: Be prepared to actually meet someone new  (sure it's fun to go to these Jewy shindgis, get trashed, see some old friends, barf on/makeout with your old friends, but heck if we can help you slip “Meeting someone new” into that allstar to-do list, we've done our job)

3. You will get a insanely cheesy and ridiculous sticker with a number and your name on it

4. You will get a free drink ticket – use it  immediately

5. You will get a match card and a pencil – If you see anyone you like at the party simply write their number down on your card.  If they write you down, we set you up on a date!!!   (We've had over 15 couples married from this shindig – so this shtus is effective)

7.  You will dance, have a summer cocktail, and have the best night of your life!

8. Buy a Ticket Online: Tickets are $18 until July 15th.  Tickets include one drink ticket, one match card  –

                  Tickets go up to 25 dollars after July 15th!
                  Ticket prices go up the day of the event to $36 so rock it out now


10.  Get there early and get a free pair of Bangitout White Sunglasses!

Here are photos from Last year's Tubav Party  HERE (over 1000 people attended)