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The Enlightenment From a Vendor –On Octber 2010,Washington Post announced one death news:Carlos passed away for a sudden myocardial infarction.

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  This man named Carlos is neither a celebrated, nor a wealthy tycoon.He's just a small vendor stalling along Washington Street.Every morning,he pushes his cart to the dot to sell coffee and burritos on Fatelage Square for 20 years.


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  Carlos is very friendly to his consumers,and he usually has hundreds of regulars.He rememberes what they like to eat,and often asks the situation of custmers' home.Many customers become his friends,who would send him postcards when they are on business or on traveling outside,and addressed to"17th street and K street intersection burrito stand."

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  For 20 years, Carlos' burrito stand gradually became a local symbol, which was the essential Holy Land to some white-collar workers nearby. Every day, they would take the opportunities buying coffee or burritos to chat with Karlos about children,football,or working conditions.After Carlos`death,some regulars of lawyers,interns,senators,the homeless and other people suddenly realized that the folk selling burrito "gone", which attracted hundreds of people to mourn on street he was used to stall. The first night, hundreds of people participated in the memorial service in Los Karl, many of them were city workers, the relationship between them and Carlos was the only steaming burritos share. Those customers of his friends stream constantly to present bouquet to his deadee.

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  A common hawker got treated like dignitaries after his death .This gives us a simple and intimate revelation: the success need not be vigorous to do the so-called major event, but the ordinary little things. Being perseverance, everyone can be successful, just because insisting makes the ordinary into the great!