Check out a quick scan of the past few years of TUBAV Party – which has been around since 2002!
Grab a white outfit, pickup a ticket and get an entourage – cause it’s that time of year – NYC TUBAV PARTY!!

Get a ticket here:
Video created by TrickOne Productions

Tubav is the spiritual Jewish Holiday for meeting your spouse. has brought this ancient holiday back and here is how it works:

1.  You show up to the party wearing white
2.  You get a really cheesy number sticker with your name on it
3.  You get a free drink  (use immediately, it’ll make things a lot more fun)
4.  You scour the scene to see if there is someone you “like” – (there will be 1,000 people there, tons of new faces, you will see someone for you)
5.   You put their number down (either on our little match cards, or on our website)
6.    If your choice puts you down, we set you up on a date!  (this works we have over 30 couples married from this shindig)
7.   You have fun (Lip Sync Booth, Kosher BBQ, Music, Robot Dancing)

Here’s the thing: To get in, you need a ticket. Get one here 
(Prices: $18 early, $25 after /722, $36 day before, $40 at the door – comes with a free drink, a white lei, a match number, and admission to the best part ever)

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