Act Jewish in Rome Roma is very suitable destination for Jewish Orthodox tourist. The Italians started to enjoy the Jewish quarter; the Ghetto and everything that goes around it. In fact there are many resorts and restaurants around the Jewish area (but also outside of it) Rome's Jewish community is one of the oldest in the world. Their presence was first recorded 2,200 years ago when Judah the Maccabean sent representatives to Rome as ambassadors. In 1555 Pope Paulus the IV ordered the Jews to live in a closed area, creating the first ghetto. In 1938 with the legislation of racial laws, the situation of the Jewish community deteriorated. Some 2,000 Italian Jews were murdered in the Holocaust . In Rome today there are 10 synagogues and the Jewish community numbers 15,000 people. The greatest and most prestigious synagogue is Great Synagogue of Rome. Rome is rich in archeological sites; the most Jewish related archeological site is probably the Arc of Titus, which shows the Jewish prisoners carrying the holy menorah in exile from the Second Temple in Jerusalem. The ancient city rich in sites, is also growing in terms of Orthodox that travel to it, in fact in Piazza Navona a new glatt kosher hotel has recently opened. Your Kosher place in Rome