You know u r a facebook whore if,
You spend more than 2 hours a day on facebook
Access it at least 5 times a day
Stalk people that you secretly are in love with(what…i didn't say that)
Love the news feed and use it to stalk people u r secretly in love with.
If poking is the bright spot of your day.
You recieve and/or give more than 8 pokes a day.
You update your status more than 3 times a day.
You are married on facebook but not in real life.
You are in a relationship with your best friend who is not actually your lover.
If you are tagged in over 500 pictures.
You tag people in pictures that are not actually them.
You tag inanimate objects in pictures.
You recieve more than 5 wall posts a day.
The News feed is your idol.
You are in more than 50 groups.
You have more than 300 friends.
You have friends on facebook that you don't actually know.
You facebook during class/lab….um….church?
Your facebook can be used as an instant messenger.
You cry when someone rejects your friend request.
You go on facebook from other peoples computers.
You share a picture with someone everyday.
You look through all the albums that come up on the News feed.
You look at people's profiles in ur network that you don't know.
You go through all of the pictures in a group even when there are over 500.
You get warned by facebook for sending too many messages(…sorry…please don't cut me off, its my drug)
Hijack your friends facebook which has like 1000 friends to help build up another friends facebook group(that is how many of you got the invitation…haha)Thanks Amy
If the last thing you do before going to sleep, and the first thing when you wake up is to check facebook.
If you invite every single person on your friends list to a group.(that would be me)
You go out for a few hours then return home to compulsively check your news-feed.
Your name is Chris Faulkner*
*this is by the request of Amy(its not me gloating)
You've facebooked ur mom…or ur friends mom…oh yeah!
You leave for 10 minutes and start going through withdrawl
You notice that it's midnight, so everything you did 2-3 minutes ago is under “yesterday”
When your friend breaks up and you know about it before they're finished crying because of the little broken heart that popped up on the mini-feed (which you were watching of course)
If the last thing you do before going to sleep, and the first thing when you wake up is to check facebook
You invite every single person on your friends list to a group or event.

UMMMM…yeah….i was actively recruiting for this group and so facebook threatened to kick me off…im a whore…haha! And that picture is actually the message it gave me, it says:

Warning! Your account could be disabled.
You behavior indicates that you might be using this feature to send content that could be considered spam by its recipients. Misuse of Facebook's features may result in your account being disabled. If yoiu have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

I guess I won't be writing on anyone's walls or messaging for a while…..awww that makes me sad….(2/23)

I'm BACK! But I think i'll leave the part about the warning as a tribute to my FACEBOOK WHORIN' SKILLS!(2/24)

I got the warning again!(2/24)

JOIN…you know ur a whore.