With retention rates being so low in the Jewish Communal Field, two motivated Jewish org staffers have put together this Jewish Communal SALARY COMPENSATION SURVEY for anyone working in a Jewish Communal Field. Thier intention? To inform the following to J-orgs worldwide:
a. Quantitative proof finally exists that proves, once and for all, that Jewish Org workers really have been doing their jobs Lishma.
b. Jewish Holidays and Vacation days are two VERY separate things
c. Jewish Org. workers should be freakin paid more for saving this world!!!!!!

Check it out and definitely fill it out if you are working in a Jewish Communal field. It’s confidential and takes not more than 2 minutes. Clock in HERE

oh, and while you’re at it – read this baby: In case you aren’t sure if you qualify to take this survey: Top 10 ways you know you work at a Jewish Organization