In preparation for next week’s YU Seforim Sale a time of year that ranks only second to the YU Chanukah Concert in terms of Most Non-depressing Washington Heights days on the lunar calendar… YU students have spent hours upon hours to unleash possibly the most unessential thing you’ll ever need to prep for this year’s incredibly awesome and chaotic seforim sale: alas, they give us – the floor plan

Just in case you haven’t had the chance to even think about New York’s largest and greatest Jewish book sale, which runs from Feb 8th-Feb 26, here are some things to keep in mind:
1. Top Ten Seforim Sale Pickup Lines
2. The Annual Rav Baruch Simon Shlita’s Choice for The MUST-HAVE SEFER of the YEAR– this is the Jewish version of being put on Oprah’s Book Club, lehavdil. Once the YU Rosh Yeshiva gives his haskama, the book becomes an automatic best seller! (Although it is not completely impartial considering that this year’s choice, “Imrei Boruch – Shemos” and last’s year’s choice “Imrei Boruch- Bereshis” are both written by none other than the haliga R’ Simon himself. (book alias given by Rebbetzin M. Simon: “Simon Says” ) Eitherway, if you are into learning parsha – both are seriously outstanding. Bangitout will try to update you on any other recomendations from the gaon R’ Simon.
3. Top Ten Things to Look Forward to at the YU Seforim Sale
4. The schedule of when random Jewish music celebrities plan on showing up (so you know when to leave :) )
5. Bring a camera to catch really innappropriate seforim pictures like THIS
6. Make a quick list of the most absurd seforim on dating you see. Bangitout readers (aka. all of klal yisroel) are counting on you. shkoyach.